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Equality makes adjustments so that everyone has access to the same level. It allows every person their rights to life and liberty. Our nation’s leadership must turn away from “winners” and “losers” and from “us” and “them”. An Amendment to the Constitution should be constructed to protect people who lack civil protections due to race, gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, religion, and immigration status. The current SWMO Congressperson for the 7th has an abysmal record voting against civil voting rights and domestic violence protections. Teresa Montseny supports criminal justice reform, easy voting that includes automatic registration, mail-in ballots (tie in to supporting the USPS), and national election holiday.

Climate change is real and will affect everyone on the planet. It is not the time to pull away from diplomatic solutions or science. Weather will affect our agriculture and in turn the quality and quantity of our food. Scientists tell us to focus on decreasing our pollution. As a Congressperson, Teresa will stay focused on this issue as our lives depend upon it.

Common sense gun legislation that moves America away from a gun culture. Over 100 lives are killed by gun violence every day and even more are injured. Whether it is suicide, over half of all gun deaths, homicides in the streets, public spaces, schools, homes, or unintentional death by small or inexperienced hands. States with significant gun regulations have lower amounts of gun deaths. The state of Missouri has two major cities struggling with gun violence. Springfield also has a higher than average rate of gun deaths.

Rep. Long opposed HB 8 Background Checks.

The Poor People’s Campaign and March for Moral Revival resonates with Teresa’s beliefs and ideology. She wholeheartedly supports their movement, politics, and ideas. Teresa Montseny is possibly the poorest candidate running in 2020. She is on disability. Desperately needs dental implants but lacks the financial means to acquire them. Her story is the classic national narrative of failing health leading to poverty. She first considered privatized insurance remaining as a possibility, however, with the pandemic the fate of moving to universal healthcare is sealed.

As a Missourian, she directly experienced the Governor’s cut to Medicaid benefits. Nutrition and good health go together.

Economic equity that provides a living wage, protects labor unions and employee/employer negotiations. Services and care that meet the standard required for the respect earned by veterans and active duty military personnel. 

Teresa supports family farming over corporate operations. As an environmentalist she understands the destructiveness of CAFOS on water and land quality. She supports the quality products grown with the personal investment of small farmers. While Covid-19 has prevented her from travelling to the 12 counties in the district, she wants to hear from them. Communication is key to her representation. In better times she would be advocating for regular town halls. Instead, she seeks online solutions for now.

Missouri’s 7th District public school education across the state tests below 50% proficiency in math and reading. Our Governor has not prioritized anything but tax cuts, leaving education underfunded. Quality teachers deserve quality compensation. We must end racism in our schools. Students of color have been mistreated with undue discipline and exclusion. The school to prison pipeline is real and must be imploded. The cost of knowledge in the higher education level has outpaced career salaries. Many young people have suffered economically from high debt. Loan forgiveness and or restructure that allows them to be active citizens is required.

Citizens United has detrimentally affected representation in the amount of money that can be given to a campaign. This dark corporate/billionaire money prohibits government by the people and promotes a fascist state that is hazardous to our Constitutional rights, especially freedom on speech. The backlash of movements is a testimony to the true American ideals for positive change. Voting must be promoted and made easier, not more difficult. There should be term limits for the US Congress.

Teresa Montseny was raised in a military family and has a diplomatic historian education. She understands the vital nature of the military and foreign policy. US Congressperson Montseny would not support policies that alienate the United States from other countries, especially on issues of public health, environment and immigration. She recognizes the significant role of organizations like the World Health Organization during a pandemic. Teresa recognizes the dangerous power of dictatorial leadership in many countries and will work to return nuclear arms de-escalation.

Teresa supports Planned Parenthood; its services for pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment, and family planning. While falling in the personal category of feeling abortion would not be for her, she does not tell other women what to do with their bodies. Stopping 100% of abortions is a topic that is high on Rep Billy Long’s priorities. This ironically is more possible with the extension of Planned Parenthood sharing pregnancy prevention into every community.


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